Custom Orders/ Restoring Service.

I love to help you design  custom order competition suits for all Federations, Stage wear for exotic dancers and bar/ bottle service girls. Teams and coaches are welcome and group discounts are given. 
a consultation is required for all special orders.
How to Book;
  1. Schedule a face time or Zoom call via this link. You can pick from and day and time slot available. I have appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  2. Please book consult at least 6-8 weeks before your show/ date you wish your outfit(s) to be completed.
  3. We will cover fabric, crystals, connectors, cut and design and price during this time. Please note any shows I work with the competitors do receive discounts.
  4. 50% of your order is due at the end of your consult. You will be invoiced your final payment once your item is done and it will be shipped to you with tracking.




Have a show suit that you love and needs some TLC? Replace loose/missing stones? switch out connectors? Add a crystal back connector etc...We now offer restoring services.
To book restoring services please click here. Restoring appointments are done on Wednesdays, via face time or Zoom, please have your suit on hand so I can see the condition it is in and we can discuss what you would like done and I can walk you through the process.