Custom Orders/ Consultation

Diamond Doll Bikinis accepts Custom orders for tailored fit competition suits, bottle service outfits, and custom bikini designs for pageants or other occasions. Custom orders are booked 4-6 weeks before your competition/ event  to ensure your vision for the perfect suit. ( WBFF Designs 6-8 weeks)

All custom suit patterns are kept in our client files for speedy production of future suits.

Custom orders require a phone/skype/ or in person consultation with a $40 reservation fee that is deducted from the price of your suit. Crystal, fabric samples, connectors and design will be discussed, by the end of your consultation there will be a client file with all your information available for suit production. You will be given a date for the start and finish of your suit.

Cost of suit depends on how detailed and elaborate you wish your suit to be, we cover WBFF, OCB, NANBF, NPC ,IFBB , Hooters International Bikini Contest and more. 

You will receive three invoices, 

1) Consultation Fee Unless you book through our booking system.

2) Before construction begins on your suit.

3) Once suit is finished final payment (if any) is due before shipment.